XfmHms 6.4

The XFM Program reads standard COMTRADE files and graphical support
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The XFM Program reads standard COMTRADE files and provides advanced graphical displays and analysis functions, including:

- Flexible Display Manipulation via mouse or keyboard, including zooming, panning, and dual cursors with dynamic computational displays (e.g. RMS values, average values, frequency, phase, total harmonic distortion, etc.)

- Waveform Calculator. generates additional waveforms defined as mathematical operations on any combination of waveforms included in the COMTRADE file. Examples are: RMS values, harmonic magnitude and phase, positive, negative and zero sequence components, Karrenbauer transformation, etc.

- Spectrum Analyzer. Harmonic analysis of any waveform included in the COMTRADE file.

- Phasor Display. Displays phasors of selected waveforms graphically. Either phase quantities or symmetric components can be displayed.

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